FlipBelt FAQ

Will my phone fit in a FlipBelt?

What's so great about FlipBelt is that the 3-inch width and stretchy fabric, gives you the power to hold large phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S5. Most important thing to remember is that rubberized cases, like an Otter Box, make it a bit difficult for your phone to slide in easily. You can slip your phone inside a zip lock baggie and it will slide inside much smoother.

Having a 100% customer satisfaction policy, you're never stuck with a belt. If FlipBelt doesn't work for you, we will be more than happy to do a return or exchange.

How do I know what size to choose?

A comfortably snug fit is what we recommend to everyone trying on our product. Depending on where you want to wear FlipBelt, the size will vary. Low on your hips, go up a size. On or above your hips, go true to size. On your natural waist, go down a size. Check out our recommended ways to wear FlipBelt and our size chart below.

You can also visit us at one of our events or a local retailer, and try them on for size. You are never stuck with a belt if the size doesn't work. We'd be happy to return or exchange the belt for you.

Is FlipBelt waterproof?

FlipBelt is not waterproof, but the polyester/lycra material allows the belt to wick up sweat and dry quickly. If you wear your FlipBelt where it is in contact with your skin, depending on the amount of sweat your produce, it may soak through. We recommended putting your electronics into a zip lock bag before placing them into the belt if you have concerns of sweat or water damaging your valuables.

Is there a retail store in my area?

For a list of our retail stores please check out our store locator. We are a new company so we are still in the process of distributing our product. If you see that FlipBelt is not sold in your area you can always recommend our product to your favorite retailer!

Is carrying small items secure?

When FlipBelt is worn and used correctly, it helps ensure its security. For small items such as coins, sleek cards, chapstick, etc., we recommend placing them in a pouch, wallet or case since items can shift during activities. Always be mindful when sliding items in and out of the openings. Also, you can turn your belt with openings inward to lock items in place. With any new product, you have to get familiar with it. FlipBelt has four openings, two in the front and back. We highly recommend wearing and testing the belt before your activity so you get familiar with where the openings are and how your items work with the belt.

Does the FlipBelt ride up?

We've gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our customers about how FlipBelt doesn't move! The even design gives the belt balance. This is important because it doesn't bounce which ultimately causes the belt to move up the body. In addition it has more fabric area that evenly grips the body for a stable hold. However, there are a small percent of body types that will experience ride up. In these cases we recommend that you try the belt and take advantage of our customer satisfaction guarantee if you experience any problems.